Walter calls time

Its with great sadness that ROI has to announce that Walter Johnston from the executive committee has decided to hang up his stopwatch and scenario folder!

Walter has been an integral part of ROI from its early days in 2009 when he was introduced to the committee as the retired Deputy Chief Fire Officer from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service by his past colleague Gordon Latimer from NIFRS. Walter had a vast amount of experience in running and coordinating both local and National events for the NIFRS and also the the UKRO wich we were more than happy to take advice from Walter on.

Since starting with ROI as an executive committee member he has brought not only his knowledge and experience to the ROI but also his great ability to time keep, as well all know..."5 minutes, chaps"!. This was well demonstarted with the succesful wich we all have attended with no overruns making for very happy participants. In addition to the ROI events he also played huge parts in the World Rescue Challenges in Cork 2010 and also in assisting with WRC 2013 Clearwater, Florida.

Walter has been and will continue to be a great friend of the ROI and to all personally and we know and recall his own social night saying" there are battleships and sailing ships, cruise ships and merchant ships .., but the best type of ships are friendships!"

We wish Walter well in his second retirement and no doubt he wil attend the odd event that we host in the future and indeed pass on his stopwatch and folder to another likeminded individual.

Phil O Hare

Chair of Rescue Organisation Ireland



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